Our name is based on 2 words that sum up what we do

           • Revelation: the act of disclosing something that is hidden, enlightenment
           • Training: the education or instruction of a person
Revelation Training: we put finance into plain English

Our History

Revelation Training was founded in 1999 by chartered accountants who were also trainers. This was (and is) a rare combination of talents. We started by providing specialists to other training organisations but we wanted to get closer to the clients and rapidly started offering our own courses

Our original courses were based around traditional lectures with exercises and group work added but we soon started developing business board games and simulations

Games and simulations now comprise the greatest part of our work. They are an excellent tool for changing the behaviour of delegates by helping them appreciatethe consequences of their decisions

We still use a traditional approach for areas such as technical updates and where it is most suitable for the delegates

Our Passion

We are a group of management consultants and financial professionals with a common passion: improving commercial awareness, financial understanding and business acumen. We are committed to ensuring that your business not only survives in the current environment but thrives

Although we are a training company we don’t lecture: we facilitate experience. We create non-threatening yet challenging environments where delegates learn in the way we were designed to learn: through game play, through interaction with a team and through experience

All our trainers share two qualities: a deep appreciation of the needs of business and an exceptional ability to communicate. Many of our trainers are qualified accountants ensuring that delegates on our training sessions have access to professionals with outstanding insight into the financial aspects of business management

Putting Finance into plain English