Our training methods have a proven track record of achieving results. Our buiness games and simulations are competitive events: delegates become passionately committed to winning and enthusiastically embrace the messages that we deliver.
Face to face or online: our approach is excellent at contributing to behavioural change.

The Business Experience

The Business Experience refers to our existing suite of business board games/simulations that offer comprehensive insight into the management of a business

These games ensure that delegates understand key financial and commercial issues and link them to the wider business

We have many versions for all major business sectors (and we write new ones, if needed)

Our experienced tutors ensure that key messages are properly understood and reinforced

The Business Experience proceeds in a series of rounds which mirror the business cycle. Between the rounds the trainers cover key financial and technical areas in accordance with client requirements

The Business Experience can be arranged to run for groups of 8 and above. It lasts for a minimum of a day


Bespoke Games and Simulations

We will design a bespoke business game or event to cover your exact needs. The simplest approach is to have The Business Experience modified to incorporate specific areas of importance ensuring an event completely focused on your agenda


We can also write an event designed around your specific needs, you can set a theme and agenda and we will design activities to fit. Where “real time” simulations are required we use our interactive handsets to increase delegate involvement and experience even further

Other Courses

We have designed courses for a clients in different business sectors. Recent bespoke sessions we have written and delivered include:

• A one-day negotiation skills including role play and telephone skills

• A half day of financial awareness using traditional lectures and exercises

• Two days of internal accounting including Excel skills and computer based forecasting

Putting Finance into plain English