The Business Experience significantly improves commercial awareness, financial understanding and business acumen of anyone working in an insurance company

We take groups of delegates and immerse them in a competitive market environment. They run competing insurance companies, making all the key decisions and then live with the consequences. Our highly experienced trainers interpret delegate performance, advise teams and reinforce best practice as well as your key business messages

The benefits to the firm are huge

  • Significantly improved profit and cash flow
  • Commercial thinking throughout the organisation
  • Focus on stakeholder requirements and company goals
  • Understanding of financial information
  • Significantly improved decision making
  • Big picture understanding across the business

The messages that we are asked to promote vary but typically include the following

  • Understanding market structures
  • Competitive strategies from price to quality to marketing
  • Market research: sources of information, costs and benefits
  • Price based competition and the race to the bottom
  • Sales strategies, sales pitches and sales negotiations 
  • Supplier decisions and supplier management
  • Market share; customer satisfaction; flexible operating 
  • Consideration of alternative pricing approaches

The Business Experience presents delegates with an enjoyable challenge. It is always tailored to the delegates and is suitable for a range of situations

  • Improving general commercial and financial awareness
  • Management development and talent management programs
  • Sales academies, induction courses and career progression
  • Introducing accounting and financial statements
  • Delegate assessment and team-based working
  • Finance for non-financial managers course
  • Reinforcing the importance of all an organisation's functions

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Putting Finance into plain English