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Please contact us with any queries: we promise a prompt, informative and friendly response.
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Email: info@revelationtraining.co.uk


Who we are
Revelation Training was founded in 1999 and has been providing training for a wide range of organisations ever since. Every course has one, primary, focus: meeting the client's exact requirements.

We do not offer public courses ensuring that we stay 100% client focused at all times.

Our front line people are all highly experienced trainers mostly accountants and other business people.


What we do
All our courses are based around key delegate and organisational needs

We can provide a course that covers a specific area of finance (eg international accounting standards), a course that meets a particular need (eg working within budgetary constraints) or a course to ensure that delegates see "the big picture."


Who we work with
We have a diverse range of clients: lawyers, retailers, service sector, manufacturers, public sector, financial services and housing associations, to mention a few.
Our courses are provided for delegates on a wide range of programs. These include graduate intake, partner development (international law firms), talent management, sales team development, team building, assessment centres, management development and departmental events.


How we do it
Our most popular courses are based around board games and simulations. These provide experiential learning in a great environment.
Our lecture based courses are excellent at providing detailed training on relevant areas in a traditional environment.
We can also mix and match games, lectures and other experiential learning to provide you with a completely bespoke training event.



Revelation Training is a company with a passion: to improve financial and commercial awareness